Overnight Coconut Oats


I can’t stand milk and I really can’t be arsed with all these different plant based milks either, however if it’s coconut, I’m there! I saw a recipe that used coconut milk for porridge and I though hmmmm. Lets have a go. I’m also trying to include far more seeds and good stuff into my diet. I want to improve my energy levels. I walk around like a zombie most days (which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to, especially mums and dads!) So I thought I’d try alter a recipe and tweak a few bits to suit what I am after. I’ll be honest, this recipe is easy but when it is done, it is one ugly mother so I’ll just put that out there before haters gonna hate. (Shame on you for being so shallow anyway….hahahaaa).

So give it a go. I worked out it’s about 235 calories for a 175g portion. Not bad for a breakfast or snack that is filling too. Plenty of calcium in this still and lots of fibre and iron. Great for energy and your bones!

Good luck, have fun, discuss and if you try something else that works, let me know! Em x



170g Oats

600ml Coconut Milk

2 Tsp Ground Cinnamon

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

45g Coconut Sugar (or any sugar, I use this as it is less on the g index than refined sugar)

30g Bioglan Energy Boost  Powder (Optional, this is where this recipe has the added boost of iron, fibre etc. I bought mine from Holland and Barratt).

20g Chia Seeds


Combine everything together in a large bowl and mix well.

Transfer to an airtight container into the fridge and leave for approx 12 hours.

Serve portion sizes of approx. 175g (Should yield 5 servings, perfect for a Mon-Fri quick ready made breakfast when you are trying to get out the house by a certain time!)

Each serving has about 235 calories according to myfitnesspal app!




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