I’m a stay at home mum. I live in the UK and have two children and a husband.

Why start blogging? I’m looking for some independence and something that is my little escape. Not a diary kind of thing, I wouldn’t be making it public if that’s what I needed but more of a “hey I just did this….anyone else wanna see?” The amount of times I say “for f***s sake” under my breath in one day is ridiculous but when something good finally happens, or I have a bake off moment, or I see something inspirational….most of the time there is no one there to witness it or share it. Being a stay at home mum can have its solitary and lonely moments. Don’t get me wrong, it has its advantages and I am forever thankful while I can still do it. I love it, I love the fact I am there for my children 24/7 but there are times that the loneliness is overwhelming too.

I have had some crazy, hilarious, sad, angry and incredulous mummy moments. Right now, the person who I am has probably been shaped more through these moments than from any other time in my life.

I’m going to blog about different parts of my life, from cooking to cleaning, playground politics to kitchen utensils, family dilemmas to tv programmes. I guess this is going to be an all round kinda blog. Nothing specific. It will be written from the heart, sometimes offensive but always with truth and candor.

I hope just one person out there reads this and thinks “oh phew, me too!” My efforts as a mum and as a person have quite frankly been through both ends of the scale. I’m bringing balance back to my life and I’m¬†inviting you to come¬†with me.xx

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